Cancellation Policy

Contracts can be cancelled at any time but may incur a charge. Please check and read any contract before signing.


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Contract Cancellation Terms & Conditions

2. Right to cancel

2.1. In the first 14 days. The CLIENT has the right to cancel this agreement (which starts once the CLIENT has received the letter(s) of authority to sign), and may do so giving Simple Claims Assistance Ltd a clear statement of the requirement to exercise this right within 14 days (the ‘Cooling Off Period’) without any charge or liability to Simple Claims Assistance Ltd. A Cancellation Form is included in the CLAIMS PACK for convenience but it is not necessary to use, you may cancel by email and/or verbally.

2.2. After the first 14 days. If the CLIENT wishes to cancel this Agreement after the Cooling Off Period (which may be done, verbally, by email or post, a Cancellation Form is included in the CLAIMS PACK for convenience but it is not necessary to use), Simple Claims Assistance Ltd will be entitled to charge the CLIENT for work done up to the time of said cancellation. Full details of the charges payable are included in the “Illustration of the cancellation charges payable by the CLIENT after the 14-day Cooling Period”.

2.3. Cancellation Circumstances.


Examples of cancellation circumstances Penalty/Fee
The CLIENT no longer wishes to proceed with the CLAIM or wishes to appoint a third party to carry out the CLAIM for them or wishes to continue the CLAIM themselves. Fee payable
Where Simple Claims Assistance Ltd make changes to the SERVICES we provide or the terms themselves No Fee
The CLIENTs case/CLAIM has no reasonable grounds for COMPENSATION No Fee
Simple Claims Assistance Ltd suspend SERVICES to the CLIENT No Fee
The CLIENT has a legal right to end the contract with Simple Claims Assistance Ltd due to a breach of obligations No Fee

3. The CLIENT’s Obligations

3.1. Act promptly. The CLIENT will deal promptly with every reasonable request made by Simple Claims Assistance Ltd, from any COMPANY and any Body/Organisation involved in the process and will be required to obtain relevant information from whatever source is appropriate on a continuing basis.

3.2. Keep us informed. The CLIENT will promptly inform Simple Claims Assistance Ltd of any relevant matters that may affect the CLAIM or the CLIENT’s obligations under these Terms of Engagement. Including, even if not requested by Simple Claims Assistance Ltd, any contact with any 3rd parties/firms involved in the CLAIM (example; the COMPANY the CLAIM is against sends a letter to the CLIENT).

4. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd Obligations

4.1. Check. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd will check the documentation and information the CLIENT provides and will contact the CLIENT if it appears that additional information or
clarification is needed before proceeding with the CLAIM.

4.2. Decisions to pursue the CLAIM. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd shall have absolute discretion as to whether to proceed with the CLAIM at any time during the CLAIMs process (but will act reasonably in making its decision) and will promptly notify the CLIENT if the CLAIM is not to be pursued by Simple Claims Assistance Ltd on behalf of the CLIENT in which case, the CLIENT shall be entitled to pursue the CLAIM elsewhere.

4.3. Skill and care. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd will use reasonable skill and care in providing the SERVICES as under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

4.4. No assurances. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd offers no assurances that any CLAIM will be successful or that it will result in COMPENSATION being awarded or paid.

4.5. Outcome. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd will notify the CLIENT promptly of the outcome of the CLAIM.

4.6. Your personal information. Simple Claims Assistance Ltd will keep your personal information confidential (save as necessary to pursue your CLAIM or as required by law) and use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy (a copy is enclosed within the CLAIMS PACK) and any consent you have given to Simple Claims Assistance Ltd.

4.7. Termination of Contract/Terms & Conditions. Simple Claims Assistance can terminate/stop a CLAIM if there is a breach of 3.1 and will pursue a fee for work completed. A notice period of 14 calendar days will be given.

Please see full terms and conditions in the contract.


Frequently asked questions

  • Is Simple Claims Assistance able to help me?
    If you opened a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) in the last ten years and invested in one or more high-risk non-standard investments through your SIPP, Simple Claims Assistance may be able to help you.
  • What is a non-standard (high-risk) investment?
    It is an investment that cannot easily or quickly be sold and turned into cash. It could include overseas hotel rooms, interests in farmland and forestry, self-storage units, shares and bonds in unquoted companies, plots in land-banking schemes and many others. In fact, it is any investment other than those, which can be readily bought and sold.
  • Is there anything wrong with non-standard investments?
    Whatever you may have been told, almost all non-standard investments are high-risk. Unless you are quite wealthy, acquiring non-standard investments as a way of saving for your retirement is likely to be unwise. Additionally, many of the non-standard investments acquired through SIPPs have not performed as promised, often failing altogether.
  • Why am I entitled to compensation?
    The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulates both the SIPP operators and the Financial Advisers (FAs) that may have advised on SIPPs. If a Financial Adviser advised you, then they may have broken FCA rules. Therefore, the SIPP operators may also have broken FCA rules. In the year 2000 Parliament created special bodies through which victims of bad practice by Financial Advisers and SIPP operators can obtain compensation.
  • What could my Financial Adviser have done wrong?
    It is likely that they advised on opening your SIPP and on your moving existing pensions into it, without properly assessing whether a SIPP was suitable for you. Equally without conducting correct assessment of the non-standard investments introduced into your SIPP.
  • What could my SIPP operator have done wrong?
    The SIPP operator may have accepted your or your adviser’s instructions to purchase non-standard investments, knowing that you were receiving bad advice, or the advice was given unlawfully. The SIPP operator may not have conducted adequate due diligence on the investments. Not exercising sufficient duty of care.
  • Was criminality involved?
    Some providers of non-standard investments may have acted criminally; and it is possible that some Financial Advisers also did so. Simple Claims Assistance will report any suspicion of criminality to the appropriate authority. But Simple Claims Assistance’s primary focus is on the civil claims you have against regulated entities, especially Financial Advisers and SIPP operators.